Gallery: The promise of the all-electric racing car: An interview with Formula E driver Nicolas Prost

Think about car racing and certain images — and sounds — probably come to mind. The high-pitched nasal howl as Formula 1 cars zoom by. The absurdly over-logoed visual extravaganza of NASCAR. Now there’s a brand-new racing series that has, well, none of that. Formula E, the world’s first fully electric racing series, has cars that swish rather than scream. And while sponsor logos certainly feature, in this championship all the drivers drive the same model of car. What?

As driver Nicolas Prost explained to TED’s Bruno Giussani at TEDGlobal>London shortly before the deciding races of the championship, that’s because the focus of this contest is on sustainability and efficiency. By leveling the technological playing field and making all the cars the same, the onus is on the team’s engineers and drivers to optimize everything to be the very best they can be. Hear more about the specific challenges of driving an electric car at top speed — and find out about…

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