The First Gogoro Smartscooters Will Start Shipping Tomorrow


gogoro shots

After raising $150 million dollars and operating in secrecy for three years, Gogoro finally told the world what they’re building: a smart electric scooter and a charging infrastructure to go with it.

Tomorrow, the first Gogoro smartscooters will ship out to pre-order customers living in the company’s first flagship city, Taipei.

Gogoro started taking pre-orders last month at a price of NTD$128,000, or roughly $4,140 US dollars. That’s about double what you’d pay for a higher end gas scooter, though Gogoro claims that government subsidies and gas savings will cover the differences within two years of ownership.

For those who might’ve missed our original post and just want the gist, Gogoro has three key components: they’re building the aforementioned electric scooter with all sorts of smarts, a smart lithium-ion battery to power it, and a network of “GoStations” where you can swap the battery on the fly for one with…

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