Driverless cars will shield the haves from the have-nots

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Last week, I got a glimpse of the future, one in which cars drive themselves and communicate with humans via lights and lasers that project from their front and rear grills.

“The F 015 represents our vision of the future of autonomous driving. The main focus was on showing how drivers would have a completely different atmosphere” inside the car, Simon Tattersall, Mercedes Benz’s resident expert on autonomous driving, told me during a phone interview.


Mercedes wants to remake what the car represents. The seats look and feel more like reclining lounge chairs, so that you can converse with friends inside your metal cocoon. Everything inside is handcrafted. The steering wheel recedes into the background. (If you choose to drive, you can, but why would you?) There are 4K touch displays on the doors and back panels that convert the inside into your own mini IMAX theatre. You can barely…

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