The Tesla Model S Will Get “Autopilot” Mode In About Three Months


Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.17.56 AM

While the main focus of today’s Tesla press call was the software update meant to end range anxiety“, Elon also dropped a few details on other things they’re working on right now for release in the coming months… and, well, they’re pretty damned cool. Self-steering cars, anyone?

This next update — the “range anxiety” update, or Version 6.2, includes a few neat tricks of its own:

– Automatic emergency braking, which will attempt to automatically halt the car when it detects that you’re about to slam into something else. It’ll be a part of all Tesla cars moving forward, and will be added to all existing Teslas made after October of last year.
– Blind spot warnings, side collision warning
– “Valet mode” that reduces the car’s insane performance and locks down the center console’s touchscreen to hide private data.

The big one, though, is Version 7.0 —…

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