Why It Makes Perfect Sense For Apple To Invest In The Future Of The Car


While at first the rumors seemed far-fetched, a new report from the Financial Times lends serious credibility to the idea that Apple is working in earnest on car-related technologies beyond just CarPlay. Dashboard software may be part of its automotive designs, but the FT claims that Apple is on a headhunt for employees with experience in car design and vehicle engineering, rather than just software and infotainment. Apple chasing automotive dreams should not in fact come as a much of a surprise, however, given the size of the company’s war chest, and the changing nature of what constitutes a “tech” company.

Apple may have become the most valuable company in the world thanks to a relatively streamlined line of product offerings and a willingness to focus on a few things rather than trying to do it all, but that doesn’t preclude it from exploring a wider range in the future…

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