The Storm eBike Is A $499 Entry-Level Electric Bike


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It’s been a while since I got to do a fun demo on some kind of electric vehicle, so last week we took a trip to Golden Gate Park with the Storm eBike.

It’s a electric bicycle designed to be cheap and practical. It’s the 1987 Honda Civic of electric bikes, stripped down to the basics. There’s no regenerative braking, or a fancy housing to disguise the massive batteries needed to give bikes any kind of range for commuting.

While the frame isn’t anything special, the tires that come with the bike certainly draw the eye. They’re big round tubes that probably aren’t doing the motor any favors but provide a stable, smooth ride on different surfaces. Going over pavement with cracks, paths with crunchy branch bits, and dirt the bike maintained a solid grip and could instantly get going with a push of the accelerator.

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