Faraday Is Letting Bay Area Cyclists Try Its Pricey But Stylish E-Bike Before They Buy


[tc_5min code=”518496227″]

I’ve been a big fan Faraday Bicycle‘s $3,500 electronic bicycle ever since I first learned about it. Over the years, I’ve watched and waited until the bike finally made it into production and started shipping to pre-order customers. And last year, I got a chance to try it out for myself.

After borrowing it for a few weeks, I can honestly say it’s one of the nicest bikes I’ve been lucky enough to ride. The pedal-assist works as well as you would hope, making my commute a total joy. It makes going up hills a lot easier, but more importantly, it makes riding on flat ground a total breeze.

All that said, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks $3,500 is a lot of cash to drop on a bicycle, even one that is as nice to look at and easy to ride as a…

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