image The Tesla Model X SUV Is Coming In Early 2015 With Gull-Wing Doors

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Reservation holders for the Tesla Model X received notice today that the electric SUV will hit the production lines early next year. Best of all, Tesla confirms in this email that the gull-wing doors will make the production model and all models will feature all-wheel drive and there will be an option for a third row of seating. These are big updates, but they shouldn’t come as a surprise. Because, you know, Tesla.

Tesla is the master at under-promising and over-delivering. Generally, in the automotive world, car companies load concept cars with pie-in-the-sky features — like gull-wing doors — and then remove them from the production model. But not Tesla. With the Model S, the company showed off rear-facing seats and few automotive pundits expected the option to be available on the production model. Yet they are. And now, with the Model X, the gull-wing doors were the marquee feature…

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